Since 1918 Zuniga Logistics, has been recognized as one of the most experienced and professional International trade groups on the border. With over 90 years of successful operations, Zuniga utilizes a diverse group of companies that offer a complete door to door service, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by ensuring a commitment to excellence. Since its inception, Zuniga has provide quality service for international trade with Mexico.

Why Us

We have more than 90 years of experience dedicated to International Commerce.

Since 1918 we have been recognized as one of the most prestigious international trade groups on the border.

Our personalized and individual attention to our customers has been one of the features that have made Zuniga unique in the International Trade Community..

Our IT Infrastructure is very reliable, we have a Clustered Data Center powered by Hyper-V Technology and administered by a team of Certified Network Engineers, providing High Availability Network Services.


Our Data Center is powered by Dell Equallogic ISCSI SAN Array with 30TB Storage Capacity, 10Gpbs Fiber Backbones and 1Gpbs on the network environment.

In order to provide reliable and high available network services we implemented Microsoft Hyper-V Clustering Services on all our Hosts, which have 64GBRAM, Quad Core Processors and 10GB NICS.

We replicate our data different locations in order to have a recovery point on a Disaster. Our backup NAS Servers provide 15TB of storage capacity for each location. We have a team of certified Programmers that develop our In-house programs, customer interfaces and our mobile applications.

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